2018 Salary Survey

    A Complex Landscape

    With a regional economy driven by technology giants as well as unicorn start-ups with billion-dollar valuations, San Francisco Bay Area businesses, both large and small, are faced with complex operational challenges, including attracting and retaining their most valuable assets: people.

    To gain a clearer perspective on this unique economic landscape, SMPS SFBAC conducted an anonymous salary survey which details total compensation packages offered by A/E/C industry employers with operations in the region. 154 respondents participated in the survey.

    The report includes data including but not limited to:

    • Salary range and average by job title, age, gender, years of experience, and education;
    • Job titles by gender and years of experience;
    • Respondent background information, including gender, age range, level of education;
    • Employment status, job functions, direct reports, professional accreditations;
    • Firm information, including firm type, size, location within region, approximate annual revenue, areas of practice;
    • Direct compensation information, including salaries and hourly rates, salary history, salary satisfaction, bonus data;
    • Indirect compensation information, including benefits, work flexibility, PTO, and promotion track.

    A free copy of the report was distributed to participants and those who attended our June 2018 "Negotiate to Win" program. For all others, it is available for purchase below. Please direct questions to [email protected].