Editor-In-Chief: Al Anderson
    Feature Editors: Erin Clinch, Faith Ragan
    Sponsored Content Editor: Tina Barni

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    The Shortlist

    SMPS SFBAC Sponsor Spotlight: Degenkolb Engineers

    Tina Barni Aday had a chance to touch base with Laurie Lumish, Marketing & Communications and Business Development Director for Degenkolb Engineers, and ask her a few questions about her firm, which is one of our Bay Platinum sponsors.

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    Future Programming Workshop

    On the evening of Monday, September 23rd, a group of SMPS-ers (14 in all) gathered to brainstorm for the slate of programs for the upcoming chapter year.

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    Build Business 2019 Recap

    It was a memorable few days in Washington, DC at the 2019 Build Business Conference! We had a great SFBAC showing in the Nation’s Capital for networking, learning, and celebrating our successes.

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    SMPS SFBAC Sponsor Spotlight: XL Construction

    Tina Barni Aday talks with Laura Guzman, Vice President of Marketing & Communications for XL Construction, one of SMPS SFBAC's Golden Gate Sponsors.

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    New SFBAC Faces: Welcome to the Chapter, Lilian Martin & Claire Dugan!

    We interview new SMPS SFBAC members Claire Dugan and Lilian Martin!

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    A Parting Sentiment from our SMPS SFBAC 2019 President

    On-site at the society's annual conference, Build Business, Michelle Martin reflects on an entire year's worth of value!

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    SMPS SFBAC Sponsor Spotlight: Cumming

    Tina Barni Aday interviews Corey Wulff, Senior Marketing Manager for Cumming, which is one of SMPS SFBAC's Golden Gate Sponsors.

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    Transforming Leadership Preview

    SMPS has your back with our upcoming program on Transformational Leadership: Empower Yourself to Develop and Lead a Solid Team.

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    July President's Update

    SMPS SF Bay Area Chapter President reflects back on 2019 highlights and accomplishments

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    Ask the President! SMPS SFBAC President Michelle Martin Answers Your Questions

    From pay cuts at the expense of doing what one loves to marketing lessons learned, Michelle candidly answers your questions.

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