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    The Shortlist

    Artificial Intelligence in Building Design & Marketing: It’s Here. What Now?

    A wave of change driven by mergers, new technology, and labor shortages has upended the (A/E/C) industry over the past few decades. If you thought the waters were about to calm, hold on to your oars: here comes artificial intelligence.

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    May President's Mantra: Experimentation is the Path to Innovation

    What do SMPS SFBAC and Fast 50 50 Most Innovative Businesses have in common? The May President's message explains all!

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    A Twist of Fate: Founder of SMPS SFBAC's Founders Award Receives Lifetime Achievement Award

    Judi Sayler, CPSM, was awarded the lifetime achievement award last month at the SFBAC Founders Awards. Katelyn Surprenant sat down with Judi for an interview on her amazing history within the industry and how much she has contributed to SMPS.

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