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    The Shortlist

    2021 New Year’s Message from the SMPS SFBAC Board of Directors

    Happy New Year! As we start 2021, the Shortlist asked the members of our Board to share some of their thoughts about the difficult past year and their hopes about the upcoming year.

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    President’s Message – December 2020

    “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times….” As we look back on 2020, I think that we can all agree that it wasn’t what we expected. There were highs and lows, we faced hardships and victories, and we adapted. We were resilient.

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    Spotlight: 826 Valencia

    2020 will forever be one for the history books.  When I reflect on this past year, it comes together in my mind as a collage of stories, and I’ve been constantly reminded of the power storytelling has to create momentous change.

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    Three Strategies for Emerging from the Recession as a Market Leader

    Marketers who lead with spines of steel and get their companies laser-focused on client satisfaction, buyer psychology, brand awareness, knowledge sharing, and changing market dynamics will be the ones who transform their companies into market leaders.

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    President's Message - November 2020

    “What do you get when you mix COVID anxiety, seasonal depression, good old-fashioned regular depression, and election stress – and then take away one hour of sunlight? We’re about to find out!”

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    Optimizing Your LinkedIn Profile for Virtual Networking

    In this new, mostly virtual world, LinkedIn is a powerful tool for connecting with clients, coworkers, and other industry professionals. With everything moving to a virtual space, there has never been a more important time to leverage your profile!

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    SMPS SFBAC Sponsor Spotlight: Cumming

    I recently had a chance to touch base with Kim Thompkins, FSMPS, CPSM, Director of Proposals for Cumming, and ask her a few questions about her firm, which is one of our Silverado Trail sponsors.

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    Motivational Mondays Makes a Big Impact

    2020 wasn’t the year we were hoping for. Sure, living in sweatpants has been nice and the 3-foot commute has been a dream, but this has all come at a tremendous cost. As time inched on, we collectively realized that we had to keep moving forward.

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    President’s Message: Upcoming Events, BLF Registration, Sponsorship, and Two Full Moons!

    It’s hard to believe it’s already October and we are officially in the last quarter of 2020. Here at SMPS we’ve got a month filled with opportunities for you to learn, grow, and connect.

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    Member News

    With several member milestones to celebrate this month and seven new members joining in July and August, SMPS SF Chapter has a lot to cheer about!

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