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    The Shortlist welcomes pitches for stories pertinent to advancing marketing and business development in the architectural, engineering, and construction fields. Email pitches to Al Anderson.

    The Shortlist

    Marketing Magic: Lean Methods for Small and Large Businesses

    Rachel Stainton talks with Ellie Mirman, Chief Marketing Officer for about Lean integrated project delivery

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    PRC 2019 Preview – Ride the Wave

    A snapshot of conference highlights including 18 break-out educational sessions, four general session keynotes, and a fun social and networking event done Hawaiian-style.

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    New Member Video Spotlights

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    Transformation? There’s a Strategy for That.

    Just as with any business, strategic planning helps build a framework around which the chapter can identify and achieve the goals that will add value to the member experience and help articulate the value members take back to their own firms.

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    Mini MBA July 12: A Sneak Peek…And Some Homework!

    What can you expect at our Mini MBA program? We're talking foundational business knowledge about budget, pricing, and contracts.

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    What Results Can You Expect from a Content Marketing Program?

    Content marketing can bring in more new sales leads at less cost than other forms of advertising and promotion... but only if you position yourself as a trusted source.

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    Creating Content for a Content Marketing Program

    Content doesn’t need to be difficult to create. The trick is to be organized and take the Tom Sawyer approach to getting help. He turned the task into something they wanted to do. You can do the same.

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    Content Marketing: Where do I start?

    If you’re considering content marketing but have limited resources and are unsure where to start, you probably have a few common questions. In part one of this series, we'll identify steps you can take in as little as two hours a week.

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