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    The Shortlist

    On Value Propositions

    In Mid-January, SMPS San Francisco convened a panel on value propositions, moderated by Traci Vogel, content manager at TEECOM. Panelist John J. Parman made some notes in preparation for the event, which he shared with the Shortlist.

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    October Client Roundtable Review

    A/E/C Industry Marketers gathered late last month at the Client Roundtable where SMPS attendees had the opportunity to pick the panelists’ brains on everything from Business Development practices to Branding and Design.

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    Conquer Your Fear: 4 Reasons to Be Excited about Video

    If you’ve never done video before, the whole thing can seem scary. Architectural photographer and videographer Emily Hagopian hears this a lot from her clients. Today she shares how to overcome the most common fears.

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    Boost Your Compensation Using the SMPS Salary Survey: An Interview with Ching Valdezco

    Thanks to the SMPS SFBAC 2018 Salary Survey, we now have the market data to support our negotiation goals, but some of us might still be asking how we can use the data successfully.

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    SFBAC's Business Leaders Forum

    As our careers in marketing and business development work their way up the ladder in the organization, there are often less and less opportunities to find others that you can openly share your challenges with.

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    Programs Kickoff For 2019: What’s your Preferred Learning Style?

    The Programs Committee is so close to wrapping up the program topics planned for the upcoming year (stay tuned!), with programs that will cover each of the six marketing domains of practice.

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    CRM Round-up: Ask the Users

    We spend hours trying to figure out a system that works for our industry and that our users will buy into. To help give a little insight into what other A/E/C marketers are using, we sent out a short survey...and the results are in!

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    Pioneering Content: The Emerging Role of Content Marketing in A/E/C

    As our marketing strategies center more on the client journey in a digital world, we are seeing an increased importance placed on engaging content and carefully crafted stories.

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    Hildegard Dodd, 20-Year SMPS SFBAC Member!

    Hildegard Dodd, Business Development/Marketing Manager at Wilson Ihrig, has been an active SMPS member for 20 years. She has held numerous leadership positions within SMPS and has shaped the organization's focus on professional development.

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    Rick Guzman, 20-Year SMPS SFBAC Member!

    With nearly 40 years in construction services, Rick Guzman, Senior Manager, Business Development for Rosendin Electric, has contributed heavily to the A/E/C profession. Rick has been a member of SMPS for 21 years.

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