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    Food For Thought About Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion (DEI)

    Family, friends, IG followers, and a few SMPS members know that I love to cook. Since everyone needs to eat, I share often. However, I’m not an accomplished baker.

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    How Green is Your Practice? 5 Ways to Improve Your Sustainability Cred

    Like it or not, Sustainability has become a critical (i.e. required) element in the design and delivery of projects, especially in California. And with good reason.

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    Is that Image Free to Use?

    When it comes to using photography in marketing and communications materials, the rules around image use can be confusing. That said, it’s also important to be aware of the consequences of using an image without permission, even by accident.

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    President’s Message – February 2021

    It’s hard to believe we are already at the halfway point of the SMPS SFBAC board year, but February brings us to mid-year.

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    Kickstart Your Communications Strategies in 2021

    While we’re all itching to put 2020’s pandemic challenges behind us, 2021 has yet to look like much of an improvement. Companies are still grappling with scale backs, pivots, and survival.

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    In Review: The Pinnacle Experience 2020

    As with most in-person events, the fourth annual Pinnacle Experience in November pivoted to an all-virtual format. Specifically geared towards senior marketing leaders, the conference focused on key issues facing A/E/C marketers today.

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    2021 New Year’s Message from the SMPS SFBAC Board of Directors

    Happy New Year! As we start 2021, the Shortlist asked the members of our Board to share some of their thoughts about the difficult past year and their hopes about the upcoming year.

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    President’s Message – December 2020

    “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times….” As we look back on 2020, I think that we can all agree that it wasn’t what we expected. There were highs and lows, we faced hardships and victories, and we adapted. We were resilient.

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    Spotlight: 826 Valencia

    2020 will forever be one for the history books.  When I reflect on this past year, it comes together in my mind as a collage of stories, and I’ve been constantly reminded of the power storytelling has to create momentous change.

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    Three Strategies for Emerging from the Recession as a Market Leader

    Marketers who lead with spines of steel and get their companies laser-focused on client satisfaction, buyer psychology, brand awareness, knowledge sharing, and changing market dynamics will be the ones who transform their companies into market leaders.

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