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Hildegard Dodd, 20-Year SMPS SFBAC Member!

Hildegard Dodd, Business Development/Marketing Manager at Wilson Ihrig, has been an active SMPS member for 20 years. She has held numerous positions within SMPS, including Programs Board Member for the San Francisco Chapter, Education Board Member, and SF Leadership Symposium Organizer. For Hildegard, it’s all about the relationships. SMPS has provided her with a great sense of camaraderie and support. We asked Hildegard some questions about her experience with SMPS.

Why did you join? How has your experience been?

I was lucky to start my career in the industry with a firm that understood and appreciated the benefits of being a member of a professional marketing organization. Despite my many career moves, I was able to maintain my member status and involvement with the organization. There was even a time when I was out of work for a few months, and SMPS allowed me to maintain my membership benefits, even though my membership had expired. Having access to the member directory, as well as reduced costs for events allowed me some great networking opportunities during that time that led to a job offer.

What have you gained by being a member?

For me, it’s all about the relationships, and SMPS has given (and continues to give) me the chance to meet so many inspirational and dedicated marketing professionals. There is incredible camaraderie in the organization! I can pick up the phone and reach out to any SMPS member in the United States, and all I need to say is that I’m also a member, and we’re immediately connected. And I’m so lucky that I can call many people I’ve met through SMPS close and trusted friends.

What are the benefits of being a long-time member?

The other thing that was key for me was getting involved and/or chairing a committee… just going to events wasn’t enough. If you want to create change, then you have to have a voice and get involved. Such close involvement helped develop my leadership skills and opened doors with potential clients that might have otherwise been closed.

Special memories and/or events?

The big turning point for me with SMPS was when I decided to start submitting speaker submittals to regional SMPS Conferences and Build Business. In 2012, with an industry colleague, Veda Solomon, as my co-speaker, we were chosen to speak at Build Business in San Francisco with a session titled Building Business, Building Partnerships: Creating a Successful Collaboration Plan with Your Technical Staff. Since then, I have spoken at over ten regional conferences, and Build Business 2014. I get tremendous satisfaction out of giving back to SMPS members many of the lessons and insights I’ve learned over my long career in the industry in a fun and interesting way.

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