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    The Shortlist

    CRM Round-up: Ask the Users

    We all know a top item on any A/E/C marketer’s list is CRM. Think of how many sessions you’ve been to and discussions you’ve had surrounding the frustrations of finding and using a good CRM tool. We spend hours trying to figure out a system that works for our industry and that our users will buy into. To help give a little insight into what other A/E/C marketers are using, we sent out a short survey...and the results are in!

    What CRM system are you currently using?

    If you could change to another CRM system which would you choose?

    How user-friendly is each CRM system?


    As Marketing Coordinator at RIM, Katelyn Surprenant works to uncover RIM’s creative strategies and innovations on each unique project, in order to create winning proposals that address clients’ needs. She has been involved with SMPS San Francisco for 2 years and currently supports the Communications and Sponsorship Committees.

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