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    Programs Kickoff For 2019: What’s your Preferred Learning Style?

    The Programs Committee is so close to wrapping up the program topics planned for the upcoming year (stay tuned!), with programs that will cover each of the six marketing domains of practice. One of our main goals is to ensure that those who attend these programs feel that the knowledge they gain is something that they can bring back to add value at their firm (#valueadd). Part of our planning for the upcoming year includes looking at how we present the topics we share with the chapter at our educational programs.

    Traditionally, we have been successful with bringing in speakers who give a presentation followed by a Q&A session. While that format still seems to work pretty well in the short timeframe we generally have for programs, we’d like shake things up this year! This year, we plan on experimenting a bit with other potential locations and program formats. We’ll start out small and try this out on one program in the coming year, and, depending on the feedback we receive, we will continue to look at how we can elevate the variety of formats for our educational programs moving forward. All that said, we’re looking to YOU to tell us how you learn best. Are you interested in a workshop? Flipped classroom approach? Train the trainer? There are no bad suggestions here! We’re open to trying anything out if that means it will be beneficial to your professional growth.

    Now is the time – write your suggestions in the comments below! If you have any questions about SMPS SFBAC Programs, or are interested in getting involved on the Programs Committee, please feel free to connect with Linnea King ( or Amanda Gilmore (

    Amanda Gilmore is a Senior Communications Specialist at Fehr & Peers, with a passion for developing effective strategies for internal and external communications. Amanda also holds the position of SMPS SFBAC Programs Committee Co-Director for the 2018-19 Board Year.

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