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    The Shortlist

    Program Spotlight: Confident Presence for Virtual Interviews, Public Speaking, and Networking

    Repeat after me: “Virtual interviews are the new normal. And they’re not going away!”

    By now, you’ve probably downloaded all the tips and tricks to look and sound better on camera. You’ve gone over the ZOOM for presenting playbook with your team so many times that ZOOM should probably start paying you a commission.

    But what about your confidence and delivery?

    How do you act natural in a virtual interview? What do you say or do when your dog starts barking in the background or your kid decides to ask for a snack? Is there are a better way of asking, “Can everyone see my screen?”

    These are the questions that keep us up at night.

    But have no fear, Dean Lincoln Hyers is here! Join him next week as he helps us navigate this new (ab)normal and how to bring our best selves as we connect with our virtual audience.

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    Phillip Gangan is the firm-wide Marketing Knowledge Manager for Sustainability at HOK. As a former journalist, Phillip brings his editorial expertise to HOK’s marketing, research, and public relations endeavors. He joins the SMPS SFBAC Communications Team as a writer and editor.

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