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    SMPS SFBAC Sponsor Spotlight: GO Strategies

    I recently had a chance to touch base with Kate Robinette, CPSM, a Partner for GO strategies, and ask her a few questions about her firm, which is one of our Redwood sponsors.

    Tell us about your firm and services.
    GO Strategies, LLC provides marketing, business development, and human capital management consulting in the A/E/C industry. The partners help firms adapt, differentiate, and compete in a world that is in unprecedented flux.

    How many years have you been in business?
    7 years.

    Tell us about your team.

    Frank Lippert, FSMPS, CPSM, is the founder/partner of GO Strategies, LLC. He provides strategic pursuit planning, strategic market capture planning, and the functional seller/doer training to clients throughout the United States. Frank is all about helping teams work more effectively and more efficiently with processes, schedules, and tools that keep A/E/C firms’ business development strategy and marketing efforts on track.

    GO partner Kathryn Ness, CPSM, brings an energy to the team that helps make everything about marketing and business development easier. Kathryn's professional, direct communication style cuts through endless meetings and discussions and keeps teams on-point. Her sense of humor is balanced with a sense of getting-the-job done. She is an excellent listener and provides creative solutions that work.

    As the analytical partner, I apply research, analysis, and reproducible processes to deliver marketing and human capital management efforts that create winning teams. I am the creative force behind Dynamic Workplaces™, turning marketing and business development skills inward to help build the kinds of places we want to work.

    What differentiates your firm in terms of approach, talent, tools, and values?
    GO supports every step of winning work – from facilitating strategic planning and visioning, to identifying markets and clients, to winning signature pursuits, to building a sustainable company culture. Where some firms offer planning or education, GO provides a holistic package – analysis, strategy, and training – with powerful results

    How long have you been a sponsor of SMPS?
    GO has sponsored regional conferences and Build Business since 2013. This is our first year as an SMPS San Francisco sponsor.


    Tina Barni Aday is the Marketing Director at Lea & Braze Engineering. She writes for the Shortlist and is on the SMPS SF Communications Committee. She can be reached at [email protected].

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