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    The Shortlist

    Member News

    We have several member milestones to celebrate this month! Congratulations to all of you for your leadership!

    15 years:

    • Michelle Martin, SmithGroup
    • Eve Hinman, Hinman Consulting Engineers

    10 years:

    • Talina Hanson, Blach Construction

    5 years:

    • Kelsi Gallegos, SmithGroup

    Welcome to our new members

    We had seven new members join the chapter in July and August. I reached out to them to get to know them better and find out what they’re looking forward to in connection with their membership. Please join me in welcoming the following new members:

    • Nicole Whitney, Marketing Coordinator | Leland Saylor Associates
    • Grace Silverboard, Marketing & Business Development Coordinator | Cal Engineering & Geology
    • André Morand, Marketing and Communications Lead | Brelje & Race Consulting Engineers
    • Zach Shull, Marketing Professional | DPR Construction
    • Tasha Golani, Marketing Coordinator | Cahill Contractors LLC
    • Anne Marie Alim, Office Administrator | CPM Associates, Inc.
    • Estefania Perez, Marketing Coordinator | Advance Design Consultants


    What inspired you to join SMPS?

    Nicole: I was inspired to join SMPS to further my knowledge of marketing, particularly within the A/E/C industry as I have now been working for a cost management firm for two years. Another motivator is to take this as an opportunity to expand my personal networking and grow professionally.

    Grace: I would like to build my A/E/C marketing/BD network and get my CPSM certification, as well as access tools that will help me in my career.

    Andre: I’d like to develop my skills in professional services marketing (civil engineering services in the case of my employer) and keep up with new developments in this field.

    What are you most looking forward to as a member?

    Nicole: I am looking forward to networking with more members, and also looking into to getting involved further with SMPS—of particular interest to me would be participating in either the Programs committee or the Outreach/Development committee.

    Grace: Getting more well-versed in the industry. I’ve only been in my role 1 year and 9 months and know there is so much more ground to cover.

    Andre: I look forward to gaining knowledge and expertise in this field through the organization’s instructional materials and learning opportunities.

    Have you developed and new hobbies – or perfected existing ones - during the shelter-in-place?

    Nicole: While COVID-19 has wreaked havoc on my social life, I have taken the additional time at home to improve my skills as a classical flutist and coordinate with other musicians to record music together remotely.

    Grace: No new hobbies, but I have enjoyed spending extra time playing with my 3-year-old daughter, snuggling with my 3 fur-babies, and co-working with my husband.

    Andre: I did enjoy getting extra time to work in the garden during the shelter-in-place but for the most part I’ve been busy with work.

    Name your favorite book, movie, travel destination - or all 3!

    Nicole: My favorite travel destination is anywhere in France! A particular favorite is of course Paris, but also Nice!

    Grace: Favorite book: I adore the Harry Potter series. My travel destination is Kauai, HI.

    André: I used to live in Los Angeles and enjoy travelling back to my favorite spots in Southern California when I have the time.

    Karen Roberson is Co-Director of the Communications Committee for SMPS SFBAC and a Pursuit Manager, Buildings, at Stantec.

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