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    Motivational Mondays Makes a Big Impact

    2020 wasn’t the year we were hoping for. Sure, living in sweatpants has been nice and the 3-foot commute has been a dream, but this has all come at a tremendous cost. When we were first told to pack up our work spaces and go home, many of us thought the shelter-in-place mandate wouldn’t exceed a few weeks. As time inched on and our temporary home offices started to resemble something more permanent, we collectively realized that we had to keep moving forward to best of our ability and learn to embrace a virtual space.

    Back in April, when the SMPS SFBAC Membership Committee started brainstorming ideas for virtual programs, I was experiencing a lot of mental fatigue as a side effect of isolation. As a person who energizes through inspiration, I gravitated towards the idea of doing something with TED Talks. The idea could be as easy as everyone coming together to discuss a chosen TED Talk video each week. I thought if we could assemble an easy and digestible way to motivate our members to push themselves and explore new ideas, even in the most challenging of times, we could create something extremely valuable.

    Motivational Mondays then began as a summer series created by myself, a Membership Committee Member, and current Membership Board Director Jillian Grabenstein. The concept was easy enough—every other Monday members could come together during lunch for a 30-minute discussion on a predetermined inspirational topic. The topics were derived from content that was distributed to participants before the event and included TED Talks, podcasts, articles, YouTube videos, and everything in between. In addition to providing a valuable new program to SMPS members, the program wanted to acknowledge sponsors. All sponsors were given the opportunity to guest host a Motivational Monday, leading a discussion on the topic their choice.

    “Mondays have always been a state of mind and some good discussion can gear up and get us excited towards the week ahead. This is precisely proven during the inspiring discussions. Motivational Mondays made me realize that positivity can come in words, in showing up, listening, and much more. And now that many of us are working from home, I decided to host a discussion on How Different Personality Types Cope with an Always-On Culture, which has added an insight to my shelves.”
    – Maha Balachandran, Motivational Monday Attendee & SMPS Sponsor Guest Host

    The first Motivational Monday launched on June 15th and featured a TED Talk on how to achieve your most ambitious goals. What started as a conversation between 4 to 5 people quickly grew to discussions with more than 10 members. With 8 successful events and counting, taking on topics including Stoicism, Work Life Balance, Resiliency, and Inclusion & Diversity, this program has proven to be a place where people can learn, grow, and collaborate together. 

    “I have found so much inspiration since the Motivational Monday series started. I was feeling overwhelmed and burnt out, like a lot of people, after a month or two into the pandemic. I was fearful that I would lose my job as others had as well. Attending Motivational Monday discussions spurred me to set some goals, and one particular TED Talk discussion reignited my passion for reading. One of the goals I have acted on is becoming a CPSM. I made a “tiny decision” to buy the CPSM study guide since I own the other books. Now I need to work on making the “tiny decision” to study. These meetings have been so powerful that I have shared some of the material with my friends and colleagues.”
    – Nicole Medina, Motivational Monday Regular

    Due to its success, Motivational Monday has found a place on the SMPS calendar as a regular program!

    Danielle Deltorchio, Marketing Manager, has been with KPFF for close to two years and has been a member of the SMPS SFBAC for three. She currently volunteers on the Membership Committee and manages the SFBAC job bank. She values the numerous opportunities for growth offered through SMPS and has enjoyed building relationships with fellow members, through co-hosting Motivational Mondays and her committee involvement. This year, Danielle was awarded the SFBAC Rising Star Award. She earned a BA in Economics from the University of California, Santa Cruz.

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