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    2021 New Year’s Message from the SMPS SFBAC Board of Directors

    Happy New Year! As we start 2021, the Shortlist asked the members of our Board to share some of their thoughts about the difficult past year and their hopes about the upcoming year. Their responses are below.

    My 2021 hope is that as we slowly and carefully return to our “old ways” we celebrate the successes and continue to implement the innovations from the last 10 months. Also, I can’t wait to (safely) get drinks and snacks with a group of friends! Happy New Year!
    Karen Roberson, Communications Director

    This past year has taught me how to be more patient and flexible with myself and with others, to learn new skills that I felt were beyond my abilities, and to lean into change. I am hopeful 2021 will bring a renewed sense of gratitude around connection, community, partnership, and collaboration.
    Julia Oseland, Outreach & Development Co-Director

    I’m embracing a “Why Not?,” “Who Knows?,” and “Let’s Try it” attitude for 2021. I’m all about being nimble, experimental, and hopeful!
    Susie Smith, Immediate Past President

    2020 brought a lot of uncertainty and angst to most of us. In 2021, I am looking forward to a healthier year: personal health, mental health, and a healthy approach to communication. Lastly, I am hopeful that the new year will bring more opportunities for my family to travel again.
    Lillian Martin, Programs Co-Director

    Goodbye 2020 and welcome 2021. My greatest hope is to spend time (in person) with family and friends. I also can’t wait to travel to far off places once again. With ski trips planned for Utah and Colorado and a scuba trip to Indonesia I am crossing my fingers they become a reality.
    Marion Thatch, Board Advisor

    I believe 2021 will end up being a great year! I hope we can emerge from the past several months with a renewed sense of hope, health, and appreciation for the positive outcomes of the past year – in my own household, I’ve loved spending so much time with my young kids and husband, despite the chaos. I am curious how we will forever be changed as an industry after a year of “remoteness” and I look forward to social and professional interaction again sometime this year.
    Devon Bacon, Outreach & Development Co-Director

    In 2021 I am looking forward to seeing friends and family in person and being able to do activities again (concerts, movie theatres, indoor dining, etc.). 2020 has taught me even more to not take the smallest things for granted and truly realize just how blessed I am. I am looking forward to crushing the 2020-21 Board Year with all of you amazing members. Happy New Year!
    Christina Benedict, Treasurer

    I’m grateful for my family and my professional community (especially SMPS) as we begin a new year with so much uncertainty. I’m looking forward to finding creative ways to help my kids, my wife, my co-workers, and my clients navigate the coming months successfully. And I plan on getting outside as much as possible…rain or shine!
    Tyler Chartier, Programs Co-Director

    I think we are all happy to put 2020 behind us and, although there is still much uncertainty, see what 2021 has in store for us! I’m enjoying the work flexibility that 2020 brought and hope to keep it up in 2021. Having this new flexibility has allowed me to spend more time at home with family, invest in new hobbies, and learn more about myself! I plan on continuing to participate in old hobbies and pick up new ones while I wait for sunnier weather to start going outside more!
    Jillian Grabenstein, Membership Co-Director

    Like everyone else, I’m optimistically hoping for a return to some kind of normalcy at some point in 2021. In the meantime, I’m looking forward to my son’s high school graduation this May (even if it means wearing a mask and celebrating by ourselves). I’m also looking forward to the open spaces turning back to green and lots of spring hiking.
    Allison Halvorson, President

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