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    The Shortlist

    Creating Content for a Content Marketing Program

    Content doesn’t need to be difficult to create. The trick is to be organized and take the Tom Sawyer approach to getting help. He turned the task into something they wanted to do. You can do the same.

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    Content Marketing: Where do I start?

    If you’re considering content marketing but have limited resources and are unsure where to start, you probably have a few common questions. In part one of this series, we'll identify steps you can take in as little as two hours a week.

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    What is Content Marketing and Why Should I Care?

    Content marketing is not selling or merchandising – it’s helping. Selling comes later. By understanding your audience and their needs, and providing content that helps meet those needs, you position your firm as an expert.

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    Marketing Automation 101: Q&A with Jasmine Cabanaw

    Bootcamp speaker Jasmine Cabanaw defines marketing automation, explains why it matters, and offers tools and tips.

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    Pioneering Content: The Emerging Role of Content Marketing in A/E/C

    As our marketing strategies center more on the client journey in a digital world, we are seeing an increased importance placed on engaging content and carefully crafted stories.

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    Hildegard Dodd, 20-Year SMPS SFBAC Member!

    Hildegard Dodd, Business Development/Marketing Manager at Wilson Ihrig, has been an active SMPS member for 20 years. She has held numerous leadership positions within SMPS and has shaped the organization's focus on professional development.

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    Rick Guzman, 20-Year SMPS SFBAC Member!

    With nearly 40 years in construction services, Rick Guzman, Senior Manager, Business Development for Rosendin Electric, has contributed heavily to the A/E/C profession. Rick has been a member of SMPS for 21 years.

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    President’s Quarterly Update

    Let’s face it: it’s not always the best design that wins (although we’d like to think so), but the firm that offers the most rewarding experience. This means bringing a hospitality mindset to our services.

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    Evolution of the Shortlist: From Bi-Fold to Blog

    Thirty-two years on, the format has changed and the name elided, but The Shortlist still aspires to must-read status. Join us for a trip into the archives as we take a look at stories dating back to 1986.

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    The Shortlist 2018 Q1: Digitization of the A/E/C Landscape

    Our 2018 Q1 issue of The Shortlist is called "Digitization of the A/E/C Landscape." It is also the last Shortlist in the traditional format, as The Shortlist will now transform into a blog.

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