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    The Shortlist

    Mini MBA July 12: A Sneak Peek…And Some Homework!

    What can you expect at our Mini MBA program? We're talking foundational business knowledge about budget, pricing, and contracts.

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    People Helping People: Charles M. Salter Associates

    Charles M. Salter Associates consults in acoustics and designs audiovisual, telecommunications, and security systems for buildings. But they're not just engineers; they're people helping people.

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    President’s Quarterly Update: June 2018

    As the 2018 program year nears its end, we recap the Chapter's accomplishments.

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    Four Myths About Negotiations

    Many of us believe myths and misconceptions about negotiation, which hold us back from getting the results we want and deserve.

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    What Results Can You Expect from a Content Marketing Program?

    Content marketing can bring in more new sales leads at less cost than other forms of advertising and promotion... but only if you position yourself as a trusted source.

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    Creating Content for a Content Marketing Program

    Content doesn’t need to be difficult to create. The trick is to be organized and take the Tom Sawyer approach to getting help. He turned the task into something they wanted to do. You can do the same.

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    Content Marketing: Where do I start?

    If you’re considering content marketing but have limited resources and are unsure where to start, you probably have a few common questions. In part one of this series, we'll identify steps you can take in as little as two hours a week.

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    The Shortlist 2017 Q3: Experience Marketing

    Our 2017 Q3 issue of The Shortlist is called "Elevate the Experience" and discusses our theme for the 2017-2018 year: “Experience Marketing.”

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    The Shortlist 2017 Q4: The North Bay Edition

    Our 2017 Q4 issue of The Shortlist is called "The North Bay Edition." It covers the SMPS Pacific Regional Conference (PRC), to be held in February in Napa, and industry response to the North Bay Fires.

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    The Shortlist 2017 Q2: The Founders Awards Issue

    This issue of The Shortlist is called "The Founders Awards" and celebrates both the event and the winners that help make our chapter one of SMPS’ finest.

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