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Rick Guzman, 20-Year SMPS SFBAC Member!

With nearly 40 years in construction services, Rick Guzman, Senior Manager, Business Development for Rosendin Electric, has contributed extensively to the A/E/C profession. Rick has been a member of SMPS for 21 years. Rick values his membership and credits the organization for enhancing his knowledge of the industry and grow his network. He believes that the SMPS San Francisco Bay Area Chapter is the gold standard for all the chapters to compare. We asked Rick some questions about his experience with SMPS.

Why did you join?

In the mid-90’s I was a BD manager for an industrial services contractor. The position in the industry was still developing so there were not many who did exclusively what I did. I was looking for others in similar positions who wanted to network, and I wanted to develop my personal skills in construction business development. I read in a publication about an association called SMPS that primarily served the A/E profession, which was close enough for what I was looking for. After I joined, I discovered that there were construction BD members spread across the country, mostly employed by general contractors.          

How has your experience been?

Fantastic! After I joined in 1997, I was able to gain valuable BD skills I was seeking, as well as meet A/E/C colleagues, many who are still friends today.

Special memories and/or events?

There are so many that I cannot think of just one. The national conferences are always very special, as it brings together so many very talented people from across the country. As a BD Manager, I have limited marketing skills, so I really admire the marketers out there. The vision and creativity that they have is amazing. I could not function in my position without the support of marketers. 

What have you gained by being a member?

Being a member allowed me to broaden my knowledge of my industry, as well as enhance my network. Membership allowed me to be a leader as well as a mentor to others, and I’ve made many friends. Membership allowed me to research on-line publications and participate in seminars and conferences to keep me up-to-date on the latest industry innovations, research, and trends. SMPS has allowed me to give back to the community by participating in its support of charitable events like Canstruction, The Leap Sandcastle Classic, and Habitat for Humanity.  

What are the benefits of being a long-time member?

As I have grown in my career, SMPS has provided me with the best practice tools that have kept me current and connected. It keeps me inspired and motivated in the face of many challenges. The longer you stay with SMPS the more you realize how large and diverse this industry is. 

Other stories or information you would like to share about being a member?

An organization will not survive without a dedicated and committed membership. I have been so impressed that year after year the SMPS SF Chapter is the gold standard for all the SMPS chapters. We have remained at the top in membership numbers and have received many awards from national for membership participation, communication awards, and programs held for its membership.  

 Tina Barni is the Marketing Manager for RHAA Landscape Architecture + Planning. She writes for the Shortlist and is on the SMPS SF Communications Committee. She can be reached at

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