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    SMPS SFBAC Sponsor Spotlight: McCullough Landscape Architecture

    I recently had a chance to touch base with Catherine McCullough, President of McCullough Landscape architecture, and ask her a few questions about her firm, which is one of our Golden Gate sponsors.

    Tell us about your firm and services.

    McCullough Landscape Architecture is a group of curious dreamers influencing space by a mindful practice that merges context and creative passion with grit, soul, and style. We believe each landscape unveils a unique narrative that embodies creativity, diversity, discovery, and conservation. We serve our users with designs rooted in empathy, community, and the human spirit engaged in nature.

    How many years have you been in business?

    20 years.

    Happy Sunshine Park, Part of the Zizhu Purple Bay Development near Shanghai, China

    Could you tell us about some notable projects?

    Last year the company completed, along with San Diego-based developer Gafcon and other firms, a waterfront residential community project in Shanghai, China. The Zizhu Purple Bay development sits on an 800-acre site along the Huangpu River and features yacht homes, condos, a nature and education center, aquarium, and botanical garden. The master-planned community was modeled on the vision for Seaport San Diego, a $1.6 billion, 70-acre project designed to transform Seaport Village into a world-class destination. McCullough Landscape Architecture worked on the initial phase of the ongoing project.

    Because of that, the Chinese developer was interested in having the same team help him with this city he was planning. The project was multifaceted, with a very similar geographic topography to the San Diego Bay, so it was very obvious that we were the right team.

    What differentiates your firm in terms of approach, talent, tools, and values?

    For over 20 years, the firm has maintained close partnerships with clients, thereby providing innovative solutions to their needs. In addition, under the leadership of David McCullough, ASLA, time schedules are carefully scrutinized and work plans developed according to client requirements to assure delivery of projects on time.  In the course of developing the concept for original landscape designs and to visually communicate ideas to project stakeholders, McCullough Landscape Architecture uses, but is not limited to, manual and computer-designed devices, bubble diagrams, sketches, perspectives, renderings, computer-rendered animations, and graphics.

    David and Catherine McCullough (right) with staff members Armando Silva and Nicole Hensch at the 2019 SMPS San Diego Charity Golf Classic

    How long have you been a sponsor of SMPS?

    This is our first year as a sponsor of SMPS San Francisco as we’ve recently opened a Northern California office. We have been sponsors of the San Diego Chapter of SMPS for several years.

    What are some of the memorable or key events of SMPS that your firm has been involved with?

    McCullough has been a long-time supporter of the SMPS San Diego Charity Classic Golf Tournament, helping to raise money for several non-profit organizations over the years. Our firm has also supported SMPS at the Society level by sponsoring the Build Business conference held in San Diego in August 2018.

    Tina Barni Aday is the Marketing Director at Lea & Braze Engineering. She writes for the Shortlist and is on the SMPS SF Communications Committee. She can be reached at [email protected].

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