The SMPS SFBAC Founders’ Awards Program began in 2001 as a forum to recognize excellence in Marketing Communications in the built environment and to recognize an individual Marketer of the Year whose extraordinary expertise and achievements serve as a model for A/E/C marketing professionals. The Founders’ Awards Program is named to pay homage to a group of marketers who came together in the 1970s and called themselves BD Anonymous until the San Francisco Bay Area Chapter of SMPS was incorporated in 1982.

    This prestigious awards program culminates at a networking-filled gala with more than 100 people in downtown San Francisco. This is the only Bay Area awards program that highlights the critical role and immense value marketing professionals bring to the design and building industry. 

    AWARDS Ceremony

    Thank you to everyone who attended the 2019 Founders Awards Gala! Awarded winners are announced below. 

    Thank you to our amazing emcees for 2019 Heidi Bilodeau, Associate Principal and Director of Marketing and Business Development at Ratcliff, and Sam Fajner, Principal, Executive Vice President at TEECOM. Celebrities in the Bay Area A/E/C industry, Sam and Heidi have some of the most connected networks and the sharpest wits in the business! 

    2019 AWARDS winners

    Lifetime Achievement Award

    Judi Sayler

    Volunteer of the Year

    Christina Benedict

    Marketer of the Year
    Laurie Lumish

    Best of Show

    Truebeck Construction, Video

    People’s Choice

    Degenkolb, Holiday Piece

    Corporate Identity

    A consistent graphic image applied to a firm’s print and collateral materials used to promote firm branding in the marketplace.

    Award of Excellence - O’Connor Construction Management

    Holiday Piece (Print or Digital)

    A piece such as a card, holiday party invitation, client appreciation gift, calendar etc. produced for one-time use during a specific holiday.

    Award of Honor – Pfau Long Architecture
    Award of Excellence – Flint Builders

    Inbound Digital Marketing Program

    A series of whitepapers, emails, blog posts, webinars, web pages, or other digital content that includes prospect activity tracking for the purpose of converting leads to sales.

    Award of Honor – TEECOM

    Recruitment Campaign

    A program designed to recruit potential and retain current employees through print and/or electronic communications, including but not limited to ads, brochures, form letters, pamphlets, postcards, announcements, and email promotions.

    Award of Honor - Simpson Gumpertz & Heger

    Special Event

    A print or electronic piece produced for one-time use to promote a special event such as an anniversary, new name, office opening, dedication, party, or ground breaking.

    Award of Excellence – Truebeck Construction

    Specific Project Marketing (Print Or Digital)

    An item or series of items developed in support of winning one specific project. Materials may include qualification packages, proposals, PowerPoint presentations, leave-behinds, blog, or any print or digital piece that contributed to the total effort to win a specific project.

    Award of Excellence – Lionakis

    Social Media

    Any marketing effort that uses online social media tools to provide a platform for thought leadership, collaboration, and user interaction. Can be one platform or a combination of platforms.

    Award of Excellence – ARUP

    Video (Internal or External)

    External: A video created for external communication purposes.

    Award of Honor – Charles M. Salter Associates
    Award of Excellence – Truebeck Construction

    Website (Internal or External)

    External: An external, public website that either promotes your firm or has been launched by your firm for a specific project.
    Internal: Internal websites or intranets that have been launched for the purposes your firm’s internal communications 

    Award of Honor – Degenkolb Engineers
    Award of Excellence – Harris