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    Exploring AR/VR for Marketing Purposes

    May 21, 2020
    12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
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    Virtual Event - Zoom


    Do you know the similarities and differences between virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR) and mixed reality (MR)? Speakers will demonstrate how they are using this immersive technology, its value in our industry for marketers and business developers, especially in the age of social distancing, and what the future holds for these technologies.  

    Check out an interview about the program with moderator and panelist Rotimi Seriki.

    Registration Note:
    Registration closes 5/19. This program will be held virtually via Zoom. The link will be sent out the day before the event. 

    Panelist and Moderator:

    Rotimi Seriki - Visualization Specialist - HOK
    Rotimi is a Visualization Manager and a firm-wide expert in Virtual and Augmented Reality technologies. Since joining HOK in 2014, Rotimi has singlehandedly led the studio’s 3D and architectural visualization efforts, paving the way for the adoption of Virtual and Augmented Reality technologies across the industry. Moreover, he manages the studio’s visualization production process, collaborating with architects, designers and consultants on an array of projects across multiple sectors. 


    Thomas Simmons - President - ARCHVISTA Consulting
    Tom is the President of ARCHVISTA Consulting, a business focused on BIM and design immersion technologies with clients throughout Northern California and the Pacific Northwest. His company has over 20 years of experience implementing BIM into architecture, interior design and construction companies ranging from small firms to multi-national corporations. Tom was an early pioneer in immersive technologies working with Graphisoft to produce the Architectural Record - Record Homes Virtual Tours and with NASA to create the award winning NASA Virtual Tours.

    Dave Alpert - CEO and Co-Founder - Geopogo
    Dave is an award-winning architect who is now solving design and construction challenges with Geopogo's AR Instantly software for design and construction. Geopogo's “3D made simple” vision is to apply the power of AR (Augmented Reality) to build a better world. On-site AR models make construction more affordable and increase the budget available for high-quality design. As CEO of Geopogo, Dave leads a team of architectural designers, software engineers, and data scientists who work out of the Berkeley SkyDeck technology incubator, which integrates university-driven technology innovation with Silicon Valley investment.

    Michael Hoppe - Creative Director - Geopogo
    Michael Hoppe is the Creative Director of Geopogo, the Berkeley-based architectural 3D design software company. Geopogo specializes in augmented reality and 3D remote collaboration, with the mission to build a better world. Since completing his architecture degree in 2010, Michael has worked for firms as an architectural designer and 3D graphics specialist, using virtual and augmented reality as presentation design tools. Michael joined Geopogo in 2018 and has guided the team on its mission to transform how architecture is presented. 

    Bart Denny - Chief Product and Strategy Officer, and Co-Founder - Spatial First, Inc.
    Bart is a start-up veteran, and co-founded SpatialFirst in 2018. He's been working with mobile devices, location and mapping since 2000. He co-founded Inspire Infrastructure in 2001, building it into a leading local search platform for the European Yellow Page industry. After selling Inspire in 2005, Bart joined Google, helping the Google Maps' Ground Truth program of building European map data partnerships. As the first commercial hire for WRLD3D, he helped move the 3D mapping company into the indoor mapping and digital twin market, and first started applying digital twin solutions to real estate problems.

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