Digital Marketing Bootcamp

Friday, May 18, 2018

12pm - 5:30pm, Hyatt Regency San Francisco

Content and digital marketing experts share insights and innovations at our Digital Marketing Bootcamp in San Francisco. Attendees will be inspired and learn concrete skills to take back to their firms, including strategy, tools, and techniques for planning and delivering the next generation of marketing.



Why do a majority of Fortune 500 companies leverage content marketing today? How can smaller firms get started and achieve the same benefits? In this discussion we'll look at what content marketing is today, how it has evolved, why companies are using it and the business benefits they receive, tips to get started, and the key factors to address when beginning a content marketing program. 

Keynote speaker Charles Ogden, Co-Founder and CEO of Antics Digital Marketing, has a 20-year background planning and guiding content marketing programs for companies such as KPMG, PayPal, Sun Microsystems, SAP, Shutterfly, Actavis Pharmaceuticals, and others. His work in content marketing began in 1996 when he and Antics helped Netscape Communications design and run the world's first largescale email newsletter programs. While content marketing has changed since then, the foundations of its benefits go back much farther and Charles continues to help companies advance their business through content. He views his work as an extension of his degree in mechanical engineering from Stanford University, which he'll discuss if you're curious.



You know social media is an important part of a comprehensive marketing plan, but don't have a lot of time to spend on it. This session will show you how to maximize your social media efforts in an hour per day — or less! We will cover the basics, such as where, when, and what to post, as well as some more advanced topics, like social selling, employee advocacy, and analytics.

Jen Dewar is a marketing consultant, writer, and speaker. She has spent the past 10+ years working with a wide variety of companies: from corporate marketing for global organizations, to local marketing for schools and construction companies, to tech startup marketing. Prior to founding Jalydew, her marketing agency, she led the social media function at a global social media listening and publishing platform. Now, she focuses on helping companies build demand, and generate leads, through content marketing, email automation, search engine optimization, advertising, and — of course — social media.



New technology visuals are all about visual variety: planning it, pulling it off cost effectively, and getting noticed online. We'll discuss four additions to traditional still photography: multimedia, traditional video, timelapse video, and Cinemagraphs, show examples with supporting statistics for thinking beyond stills, and offer links to further examples and supporting software. Time permitting, the speaker will do a real-time demonstration of what can be created on a phone in just a few minutes, to really get us thinking about the possibilities beyond just still photos.

Andrew Buchanan is a Seattle-based architectural, interiors, aerial, and land design photographer, "Photographing the Spaces Where We Live, Work, & Play."® For 21 years, Andrew's images of the designed and built environment have appeared in marketing collateral, consumer and trade advertising, promotional materials, contest award shows, and editorial features. Andrew works with design and marketing professionals in the architecture, construction, engineering, and hospitality industries to create the visuals they need to promote their talents and projects. His images have helped clients win both local and national awards, including an AIA award and three national ASLA Design Awards. His work can be seen on his website and he’s also on Twitter and Instagram.


MARKETING AUTOMATION 101 (Breakout Session)

Marketing automation basics: What is marketing automation and how does it work? What are personas, how do you develop them and why do you need them? Why are keywords, SEO, Calls to Action, Landing Pages and Social Media important components of your content marketing strategy? How can automation help you with all of the above, plus provide proper analytics and ROI? 

Digital marketing maven, Colibri COO, and award winning writer Jasmine Cabanaw has worked for media groups, magazines, and newspapers, gaining substantial experience in digital marketing. Her educational background in history, international development, and communications provides her with robust research and analytical skills, while her passion for social justice provides her with an integrity that is reflected in her digital marketing practices. Jasmine also runs a charity project called Green Bamboo Publishing, which produces children's books based on rescue animals and donates the proceeds to animal and children's charities.

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