Senior Business Leaders' Forum

    As an award-winning, members-only program, the Senior Business Leaders' Forum is designed for members who are in senior (10+ years) marketing and business development positions who are seeking a peer-based learning experience. Members share successful (and not so successful) stories about how they support their firm's leadership and lead management teams through difficult and challenging business decisions.

    Members learn from colleagues who have charted their paths to leadership positions within their firms, have built and fostered business development cultures that work vertically throughout their organizations, and who manage staff and structure their internal departments to align with greater business goals of their firms.

    We currently have three groups formed, one each in: San Francisco, Walnut Creek, and the South Bay. Each group includes up to 15 individuals for bi-monthly round-table discussions centered around business strategies, resource management, and professional development. The series provides a venue for open communication and sharing of lessons-learned and best practices among colleagues in the A/E/C professions.


    Candidates must meet the following minimum criteria:

    • Possess 10 or more years experience in the A/E/C industry *
    • Hold a BD or marketing director/manager position for their firm
    • Manage BD and/or marketing systems and budgets
    • Manage and direct staff and firm resources

    * If you do not possess the 10-year requirement, or the industry specific experience, and would still like to participate in the forum, please include a letter of recommendation from your supervisor explaining how you would benefit from the program. Acceptance into the program will be on a case-by-case basis.

    Registration for the 2021 program is closed. For more information on the program, please contact one of our local BLF leaders listed below.


    For questions, contact a group leader. Thank you!

    Wendy Goodman South Bay Leader
    Wendy Goodman
    Marketing Plus
    [email protected]


    Cindy Bustamante East Bay Co-Leader
    Cindy Bustamante
    LPAS Architecture + Design
    [email protected]


        East Bay Co-Leader
    Julia Oseland, CPSM, ACC 
    Executive Coaching & Business Consulting
    [email protected]


     Kristy Dutch    San Francisco Co-Leader
    Kristy Dutch
    [email protected]


     Thomas Soohoo    San Francisco Co-Leader
    Thomas Soohoo
    [email protected]