Internship Post

    An internship posting on the SMPS Internship Bank is free for any Firm or Agency, affecting the built environment, which has a position available within the A/E/C industry. The internship will be posted for a 2-month period on the SMPS-SFBAC site under Internship Opportunities.

    Instructions for posting an internship:

    1. Type a description of the position, making sure to include the following details: internship title, internship location, internship description and required qualifications, along with contact information. The description can be in paragraph form, a bulleted list, or a combination of both; however it can be no longer than 2,500 characters.
    2. Email description to: [email protected]
    3. Please notify our Job Bank affiliate when you fill the internship so that we can make sure to remove it from the website.

    [email protected]