Digital Marketing Bootcamp


Friday, May 18, 2018

12pm - 5:30pm, Hyatt Regency San Francisco

Content and digital marketing experts share insights and innovations at our Digital Marketing Bootcamp in San Francisco. Attendees will be inspired and learn concrete skills to take back to their firms, including strategy, tools, and techniques for planning and delivering the next generation of marketing.

Note: Speaker information will be released soon.


    What is content marketing and why do it?  What is the true value to your firm, what are you missing by steering clear, how can you sell its time commitment, cost and benefits to firm leaders, what is the ROI / business case study on content marketing success?

  • WRITTEN CONTENT MEDIUMS (Breakout Session)
    How do we apply content marketing strategy (discussed in the keynote) as tangible content that can be found by our target audience? Do’s and don'ts of blogging, how to build a successful presence including frequency, length, tone, keywords, graphics, and authors.

    How firms can successfully use videos, VR, animation, apps, podcasts and other tech tools to enhance the sale of services. What technology should we be paying attention to, what will yield great results, how should one start with limited resources? Does it make sense to outsource to a videographer, buy the equipment in-house, or use an automated software program? 

  • MARKETING AUTOMATION (Breakout Session)
    Marketing automation basics: What is marketing automation and how does it work? What are personas, how do you develop them and why do you need them? Why are keywords, SEO, Calls to Action, Landing Pages and Social Media important components of your content marketing strategy? How can automation help you with all of the above, plus provide proper analytics and ROI?