SMPS Fellows

    SMPS Fellows Program honors outstanding individuals who have made exceptional contributions to the profession of marketing and business development in the A/E/C industries and to the Society, and to encourage continued achievement and SMPS engagement by senior members.

    The SMPS San Francisco Bay Area Chapter has three SMPS Fellows:

    Alethea O'Dell, FSMPS, CPSM - Northland Controls
    Marion Thatch, FSMPS, CPCC - Distinction in Marketing
    Myrna Wagner, FSMPS, CPSM - Swinerton

    Each SMPS Fellow has a long history of active participation in SMPS San Francisco while continuing to be active nationally in SMPS and various other A/E/C Industry organizations. 

    Fellows Program Overview

    Individuals who are recognized as Fellows are part of a specially selected group of achievers who not only have access to programs tailored to their needs but also have the responsibility to accept leadership roles in the Society and mentoring roles in the profession. Only those recognized by this process will be entitled to use the FSMPS designation. The Fellows Recognition Program allows this honor to be bestowed by a panel of peers (the Fellows Jury) who evaluate each application individually.

    Fellows often serve as a resource to our chapters and the Society and provide insight, ideas, programs, and mentoring support. In addition, these individuals teach, write, and speak on marketing issues outside of SMPS, working to advance the profession of marketing professional services throughout the architectural, engineering, and construction industries.

    What Qualifications Do Fellows Have?

    Nationally, the Fellows represent no more than 2% of the total SMPS membership—currently there are 125 Fellows of the 7,000 national members. They have been active in the Society for a minimum of 10 years of the last 15 consecutive years and have 10 years of experience as a marketer and/or business developer in the AEC Industry. In addition, they have held a current CPSM certification designation for a minimum of five years. Members seeking Fellowship must meet these qualifications and complete a detailed application; next, they are screened and selected by a jury of Fellows appointed by the National Fellows Delegate of the SMPS Board of Directors. New Fellows are honored during Build Business, the annual SMPS National Conference. The San Francisco Bay Area Fellows are excited about helping others pursuing this path and will gladly review and help improve your submittal.

    How Do You Become A Fellow?

    There are six parts to the application at this time, each as important as the next:

    1. General information—about you, your education and work history and how your level of responsibility and involvement in firm leadership and strategy has increased throughout your career
    2. Contributions to the Profession—research, writing, presenting, training and other forms of sustained outreach to the AEC industry beyond SMPS (firm, peer or client organizations)
    3. Contributions to SMPS—local, regional and national Society offices, committees and program roles; publications, presentations and awards received
    4. Contributions as a Mentor—significant sustained contributions as a mentor to an individual in his or her professional development
    5. Candidate Statement—what Fellowship means to you and how you’ll continue to contribute as a Fellow
    6. Testimonial Letters—a letter of endorsement from the Chapter Board, a reference letter from the mentee and five testimonial letters from individuals, at least 4 of whom are SMPS members and two are SMPS Fellows

    Exhibiting your ‘growth’ over the years in knowledge and leadership is important to the jury. Existing Fellows in each chapter are a great resource for applicants. Learn more about the application process on the SMPS Society website.